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As the the guys had their conversation about her training, Moxie continued to look down while walking in Ashtin's arms. She began to think about all the times they went through. Good and bad. Ashtin was this vampire who attempted to eat her when she was 17. And now... they were lovers.

Moxie suddenly felt a hand slightly squeeze her shoulder. It was Ashtin's. It was as if he made sure she was with him. The young girl glanced up at Ashtin, and smiled. She then rested her head on his shoulder.

They were finally at the cafeteria. "Well'p, here we are," Moxie said in a quiet voice. She glanced at Darius and smiled. "Let's eat."


"I'm impressed. You obviously had previous experience with firearms. But, with a little fine tuning - you ought to make a great asset to this organisation."

Sonya straighten up, and looked at Baldur. She smiled nervously.

"Unfortunatly, you didnt pass the Initiate Score. But this is to be expected. The whole point of this exercise was for me to know a little about you - to analyse how proficient you are. The Supernatural Society relies on their agents as what you could describe as a law enforcer against Vampires, Werewolves and demons. They're combat specialists, trained to deal with; extraction, apprehension, espionage, assasination... the list goes on. I can tell alot about the person from the way they use their gun and their skills. You require extensive training before we can begin on your first assignment."

The young girl looked down, but followed every word he said. He then placed a book on the table.

"This orientation is over. I advise you to read this book; it covers the details on how this organisation functions, rules and regulations you must obey."

Sonya took the book and held it. She nodded. "Yes sir."

"I will be seeing you tomorow, Miss Edison..."

"Thank you, sir," Sonya said quietly, looking down with sorrow. The thought of her father still clouded her mind...
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