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Zhao Wong walked off of the transport. He had had a long trip, and was glad to have the chance to stretch his legs. He did feel a bit uncomfortable, though. Even though he was technically Taiwanese, people still treated him like he was a Chinese enemy. It had gotten to the point where he wanted to just shut everyone who insulted him up. Shouldn't be too hard - giving people black eyes usually did that job for him, Zhao thought with dark humor. He had noticed a group of people - presumably scientists - had assembled around the transport. He then heard the introductions by the general, Haruka, and Xavier Stryker. Zhao couldn't help but feel reassured that a person with the callsign Psycho was on their side - Xavier must give those guys hell, he thought amusingly.

"Anyone else would care to introduce themselves?"

Zhao snapped back to reality. "I'm Zhao Wong, but just call me Zhao. I drive the Aero 8 suit. My callsign is 'Demon'." Zhao felt even more uneasy after he introduced himself. The people might think he was a spy, and then there was the checkered past Japan had with its neighbor, though being Taiwanese might not have any bearing on that. And then there was his combat records -he had been known to do rather questionable acts in combat.

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