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"I believe Zhao is from Taiwan. My uncle made sure I learned most accents in the world if I wanted to be with the MDN. He was both a pilot and a mechanic for the MDN. Maybe you heard of him, his callsign was Shiro."

Haruka put a finger on her mouth and looked up to try to remember.

"Oh yeah! He's got that exceptional ability to patch up something on the fly. Shiro never gives up", Haruka said.

She realized most of them had started to join her and Roman near the railing. General Ramirez walked over to them and looked at the Battle Suits, which were standing on the launch pads.

"Haruka has been looking over your Battle Suits since they arrived. She's very capable, in fact, her father designed the system that most of them use and she has done several firmware upgrades herself for some of you. You'll find the HUD is improved and the targeting system has better target prediction and radar capabilities", Ramirez said.

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