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A Small Problem with Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge

Let me start off by saying that this is the first time I've played the game with this mod installed, and I have to admit, I'm dumbstruck by the effort put into it. My utmost gratitude to Silveredge9 and anyone else who might have been involved (if there were any; I'm not entirely sure, to be honest) in its making.

My problem is one of game progression. This is what happens:

I am at the part where
Show spoiler
I am at the one where
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It works fine for a couple of seconds, but the issue occurs when I
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I believe that they're supposed to die via the fadeout effect, and such has produced no problems up to this point, but when it comes to them, it causes my game to freeze, and I am forced to use the Esc key to exit the game. This is, of course, a pressing issue because I apparently
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I am certain that it has nothing to do with BoS: SR itself because no-one else is complaining about this. My question is:

Do any of the following mods have compatibility issues with BoS: SR that would cause this?
  • A Lost Sith on a Nameless World
    - A Lost Sith in a Nameless World Fix
  • Canderous' Mandalorian Items
  • Drug Dealer (Removing because, upon retrospect, I don't really want drugs :P)
  • K1 Force Pack [v2.0]
  • Brotherhood of Shadow Launcher
  • Korriban Academy Workbench (Removing this because I am also having issues with workbenches in the game, i.e., I try to use them, and nothing happens; even if this is not the culprit, such an issue makes this mod redundant until I can figure out what the deal is)
  • Bastila Romance Enhancement (Removing because, upon retrospect, I don't really care to see my character engage in an hour-long kiss with Bastila :P)
  • Hide the Weapons (Removing because it uses the animations.2da file, which I suspect, though am not entirely sure, not being a modder, to be a culprit in my current predicament; also, the mod causes weapons to disappear while characters engage in dialogue, which can be awkward when two characters are fighting and conversing at the same time)
  • I Want to be a Jedi!
  • Juhani Improved
  • Malak Improved
  • Music Enhancement for K1
  • Trewin (Removing because, upon retrospect, I don't really care about this guy's name)
  • Turn T3-M4 into a Workbench (Removing this due to compatibility issues with the K1 Force Pack)
  • Ajunta Pall Unique Appearance [v1.1]
  • Darth Bandon Head Reskin
  • Female Mandalorians (Removing this because I suspect that it might be the culprit for obvious reasons)
  • Green Grass for Dantooine [v2.0]
  • K1 Movie-Style Hilts
  • More Green Mod [v1.0]
  • New Belaya (Removing because, upon retrospect, I don't really care about Belaya because she is a bitch :P)
  • PFHC01 Female Head Reskin [v1.1] (Removing because I care about canon and probably will never play this as a female because there are no wimmenz in Star Wars :P)
  • PMHA03 Head Reskin (Removing because I never use any Asian heads because I still blame them for Pearl Harbor :P)
  • Taris Reskin (Removing the Dantooine Estates and Sith Base portions of this because I kinda just like the originals better; also, there are apparently two files within the mod that conflict with each other)
  • Bastila Extra Dialogue
  • Bastila on Korriban
  • Black Vulkar Base Restoration [v1.1]
  • Enhanced Shadowlands Restoration
  • Garrum and Taree'lok Restoration [v1.1] (Removing because, upon retrospect, I don't really care about these two)
  • Sharina Fizark Restoration [v1.1] (Removing because, upon retrospect, I don't really care about this character)
  • Taris Lower City Restoration
  • Taris Undercity and Gamorrean Stronghold Restoration
  • Uthar and Yuthura Restored Academy Uniforms

Before anyone says anything, yes, I do realise that this is a lot of mods. However, most of these are reskins, and I made sure not to use any otherwise that would require use of the 2da Merger, or other such tool (not that I dislike that tool; it's just that, if you have to use it, you're more than likely heading into trouble). Also, for the record, I have been making sure to install the non-TSLPatcher mods first.

I should also note that I am using BoS: SR v1.1 (i.e., the patch released by Silveredge9).

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, though game compatibility doesn't present a problem since I have tinkered with my NVidia 8600 GT to help prevent crash issues (it's not perfect, of course, as it does freeze inconsistently at random points every once in awhile, especially during combat, but I can at least reliably start the game every time without having it tell me that it's stopped working).

I am going to reinstall the game with the twelve specified mods removed, and also re-download BoS: SR in case I somehow screwed up in the extraction or something. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance! ^^

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