Thread: [Xbox 360] Hoth DLC not working
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Me too

I just bought the Hoth Mission Pack today and I can't find it anywhere. Both the Jedi Temple and Tatooine Mission packs worked fine. I think I've now spent twice as much $ on DLC as I did on the original game. That's bad enough but to pay even more for DLC with NO REFUNDS that doesn't even work?!?

Lucasarts games have been wonderful for the most part. The creative teams do a great job. But the idiot monkeys in suits that run the business side (and do a better job trying to choke every last $ out of us than Vader could ever hope to do with his force grip) are going to push too far one day and I'll just give up. I love playing a fun and entertaining game, but I like not being treated as bottomless ATM even more.
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