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Yea really, no Yoda lovin'? The Hell?!

I'm pretty much in the same boat with MAV, Jeff, The Betrayer, and gamma097. "WTF is that? Never heard of it" ...before this thread anyways...
Now I see what it is. Ehh, I use blankets and pillows. Nothing special and I grew up sleeping in unheated houses where it got below freezing, often.

Then again you're talking to a guy who once was homeless for a time--even if it was only a short time comparatively. Though I recall a few times where it was cold, wet, and inhospitable outside. So I found a carpet shop, and to their cutting scraps bin/shed out back... and burrowed down in there. I daresay it saved my life.
Have used plastic packaging, even digging up dirt. Emergency blankets (aluminum covering bag) and rain ponchos.
I don't want to experience any of that again.

Had pets. Dog not allowed on bed. Cats died a few years ago. Rats tend to be mostly problematic unless it is late morning. There are exceptions, though. Had a few girls here and there for mutual warmth, but those days are gone.

At night, as a semi asthmatic, concerns are more towards keeping the lungs from seizing up and/or accumulating too much fluid when "the condition" decides to return.

Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
Ohh no! I HATE the snuggie! They come in 3 colors.
There was hillarious 4CHAN a meme that read something like:

" Snuggie

Dress your dog in one so it too can look like a douchebag, just like you! "

The meme pic had some little dog in a blue snuggie. Pretty funny actually
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