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Propaganda is very real. Human beings however have something called "free will" that gives them the option of either turning it off, or not "buying" the message, whatever it happens to be, in whole or in part.

The funny thing is, the type of video games I most enjoy are the ones that involve martial arts and/or bladed weapons combat (you know, swords!).

If we use the argument that games "train" and "desensitize" us to violence, well I don't see the follow through (to participation in real life violence) there.

Imagine playing a game where you press buttons and characters on a screen hack each other up with swords and punch and kick each other into the ground.

Now imagine going out in REAL LIFE and hacking somebody to death with a blade, or beating them to death with your bare hands. There would be a MASSIVE difference between this (absolutely sickening) type of violence in the real world vs. in any video game on the market. It doesn't matter if you're swinging a Wiimote around, it's still in no way realistic.

As usual, the idea is that the tiny percentage of undiagnosed psychotics in the world will play a game and get an "idea" to launch off on something dangerous, but that shouldn't stop the rest of the public who has no such problems determining what is socially acceptable behavior (and separating it from fantasy entertainment) from making responsible choices.

Parents? Sure, you should decide what your kids get to watch/consume as long as they are under your roof and your supervision. Teach them right and wrong, and watch/play with them, supervise (you know, be a PARENT).

That, you'd think, would be common sense.

The way I see it, yes, the military does use video games to help train soldiers. However, apart from simulators, games with stuff like hand to hand combat (or even running around and shooting people, infantry style) can never substitute for the real thing. Those games are done to test reflexes and build teamwork (multiplayer games), not to turn ordinary people into bloodthirsty killers, as some might think. The same applies to games as with movies or any other form of consumable media.

Sure, games can increase our adrenaline, but so can a lot of things. It's one thing to get "excited" over something, it's quite another to turn that excitement into violence. Take for example males watching sports. I've witnessed this all my life... guys sitting around a TV set, then turning into wild crazy maniacs when something happens onscreen. Many of these sports involve physical contact. Does that mean a fight is about to happen in real life? Sometimes, but when it does, there's usually also alcohol and/or gambling involved, so you can't blame the sports program or the excitement itself. And we can see other examples, like women sitting around crying over "chick flicks." Media has whatever power we give it.

I know the violence in games is fake (faker than professional wrestling on TV!), but still, there are games I don't have an interest in playing, because of their content (and bottom line, a game has to be fun and have good gameplay).

For every "bad" game that promotes negative stereotypes or glories in something puerile, there are a dozen "good" games that do not.

Anyway, rant over, this sort of thing will always happen because entertainment will always push boundaries in order to provoke interest and make more money, and some crazy person will always do something and people will wonder why and try to seek a quick solution by seeking a scapegoat.

That said, watch the movie, and see what you think.

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