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(OOC: Mandalor, I will answer your call to Ramirez in the next post)

"What time do we have to meet back here?" Zhao asked. "And how big is the facility anyways?"

"The facility is actually pretty big, we're underwater but this place does have an Assembly line for standard combat battle suits, they aren't as advanced as ours but they're mostly for infantry. The factory is what makes it so huge", Haruka said and looked at her watch. "It's 3 pm so you need to be back here a bit before 5".

"Yes, those are my questions also, although I have a suggestion as well. May we all," he said pleasantly, motioning to his fellow pilots a bit eccentrically. "Have the pleasure of taking a tour of the facility with you Miss Haruka. It would most definitely get us familiarized with the place, and would keep us from getting lost, and not showing up for the test runs," he suggested politely with, of course, a smile.

Haruka looked over at Roman and grinned.

"I guess I do have a bit of time", Haruka said and walked over to a man with very thick glasses. "Take over for me Takahashi-san".

The man in glasses nodded and Haruka went back to the group.

"This way guys", Haruka said as she started to lead them to the barracks so they got settled in first.

"The Facility was built around 2082, back then the battle suits were starting to show promise. And this facility was one of the first steps towards heavy battle suit research", Haruka said and led them to the barracks. "I'm sure you'll be able to find your dormitories just fine. Each of you have your own, it's a perk of being one of the MDN's elites".

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