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"This way guys"

Xaiver waited a few seconds before walking after Haruka. He wasn't up for a tour but he didn't want to get lost like Roman had pointed out. On the subject of Roman, Xaiver looked over at him for a few seconds. He seemed to be more outgoing then Zhao and Katsu. Xaiver made his way over to Roman and flashed him a smile.

"I'm sure you'll be able to find your dormitories just fine. Each of you have your own, it's a perk of being one of the MDN's elites".

"And here I thought I was gonna get to bunk with Roman," Xaiver said as he smacked Roman on the back. "So shouldn't we try to get to know each other a little better during these next 2 hours? I'm not trying to interrupt your fabulous tour here Haruka, I just think if we're going to be teammates it would be easier to cooperate if we all actually like each other." Xaiver added in as a suggestion for killing time.
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