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Plague of the Black Mist

Plague of the Black Mist:

In the land of Tatharnir Elves fought hard for their freedom after being enslaved for many generations by the humans. Some however prefer to live in the stone buildings created by the humans and forsake what little they were able to keep from they’re ancestors. While others following the ways of what they knew about their ancestors return to the woods and live with joy and happiness, keeping wary of human travelers.

The Elves, who stayed within the confines of human rule, are still treated as slaves, lower class citizens. Spit upon and live mostly miserable lives. They’re community as a whole is separated from the rest of the human population, the elves leave only to work and trade. They’re only happiness are small celebrations they hold for weddings, or the welcoming of summer days. The Elves, who returned to their roots, hunt, and honor the land that they live upon. But still some live in fear of humans, while others just destroy the humans on sight.

Humans hunt the woodland elves for sport, finding them to be the most thrilling hunt over some of the beast the forest holds. To them elves are a disgusting race and should of stayed content with the live they were given. But not all humans believe this way; some treat elves as equals as much as they possibly can without being ridiculed by those around them.

Between the two races tensions are always high, one craving the destruction of the other. But in the background of this land rises something far more dangerous. A dark mist rises on the edges of this land, hiding a horde of demons, and ogres. Behind this giant army stand’s a more sinister creator, long since forgotten in time and its name removed from the records of the creatures that now populate this land. And once the last barer of its name had vanished off the face of existence it rose, to reclaim its land, and its servants. Will the races of the land join forces in this evil? Or will they’re hate ultimately lead to they’re destruction? Can they unite all the creatures of this land under a united cause?

================================================== ====

The warm breeze that was blowing through the trees was relaxing to Arodion as he slowly pulled back upon his bow string taking aim at a nearby animal. The warm breeze glided gently across his face as he closed his eyes and slowed his breathing. The animal was only a few paces away on the ground grazing under the fallen leaves searching for other plant life to feast upon. In his mind before he let the arrow fly from his restraint he said a prayer.

To the mother of all things I pray, guide my arrow into the lift of that beast. Its life will be honored and remembered by me as all other have been that have fallen to my arrows. Guide it and allow the beast to be free from the restrictions of his body so its spirit may graze in your unwavering love and kingdom.

And with that the arrow flew from the string of the bow. Arodion listened as the arrow flew through the air whistling with every inch it took until only the light flap of the bird wings and the soft music the wind played was heard traveling through the forest of Korkitel. As he heard the thump of the fallen animal, he took a step forward and fell himself upon the forest ground to his feet. With one knee upon the around and the other propped in the air he laid his arm across the bent up knee and lowered his head slightly waiting for the vibration of his fall to subside.

The birds now chirped they’re playful songs of life and freedom, while others flew through the air in a dance to the music that was being sung by they’re companions. It was a blissful thing to listen to at times. In some ways it could also be a distraction and distractions could prove to have fatal consequences. Arodion rose slowly to his feet and walked softly upon the ground, the only noise that could be heard from his footsteps was the soft roughing and cracking of his feet crushing some dried out leaves that had fallen from they’re tree brethren.

The beasts breathing was heavy and labored, the arrow had pierced one of its lungs. Kneeling down beside the beast Arodion placed his hands on both sides of the creatures head and rested his forehead against that of the creatures and looked into its eyes.

“Thank you for the gift you are about to bestow upon me and my people. May you be watched over in the next life” he whispered to the animal as he released his left hand from the side of the animals face and slowly removed his dagger from its sheath that was attached to the back of his belt. The sound of the blade sliding out of its sheath almost had a mocking tone to the life of the animal it was about to take. Quickly with one thrust, Arodion plunged the blade into the animal’s heart and watched as the life slowly faded from its eyes until what was once the spirit of this great creature no longer inhabited it. “May you rest in peace my brother at heart.” He said softly returning his blade to its sheath after cleaning the blood from it.

With his hunt done Arodion slide his arms underneath the animal’s body and lifted it up over his head and laid the carcass across his shoulders. Shifting the weight slightly he started his walk back to his clan further into the woods, so they may celebrate the coming of life, and the union of souls. Tonight was to be a joyous one, and he couldn’t think of anything that could disturb it.

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