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Not only do I love the cold, I too give off an enourmous amount of body heat (my normal temp is 99.7) no matter how cold it is. So I keep my fan running 24/7 to keep my room at a bearable temp. On a hot (warm or pleasant to others) 70 degrees and up my temp can get over 100 without me being sick. You can see me outside with a short sleeved shirt and shorts at 50 degrees and I will not complain one bit. So I use no blankets, no heater, or water bottle (unless you count one of those big metal/rubber ones that keep the water ice cold that I fill up 5 times a night). I just sleep on top of my comforter. I actually almost died one time because my electricity went off during the night and my temp got to over 105 in a matter of minutes. The doc said I was lucky to be alive. But the point is no, I do not have a hot water bottle.

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