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Originally Posted by cb750f-2010656 View Post
A highly unlikely scenario, doing it ourselves, but possible.
No, it's not. You have admitted to having little knowledge how to make a game, and then you insist that it's possible. Based on what knowledge?

You're saying it can't be any harder to make a next-gen level game than it is to rebuild a 70-year old fighter. Your analogy is flawed, because one of those projects can be done by one person while the other can't. A more appropriate analogy would be saying "hey, Boeing's having problems building the 787, so why don't we just get some people together and build it ourselves!" Both a modern commercial liner and a modern video game require large teams of skilled laborers and significant time and cost.

Admittedly, building a commercial jetliner from the ground up requires a significantly greater investment (in any aspect) than building a video game, but the comparison is much more apt than the comparison to hobby-building a kitplane.

Originally Posted by cb750f-2010656 View Post
You can't say that it isn't possible unless you spoke with the owners directly and they told you that the rights are absolutely not for sale.
Ah, the old "you don't know if you haven't tried" assertion. But for the fact that there are any number of things that I can know without having seen and/or done, it would be an interesting point. However, because I can draw logical conclusions, the onus is on you (or anyone else) to disprove it. Name one instance - ever - of a group of hobbyist game producers who ever just "asked" a dev if they'd give out a license to their IP. If you can (and I doubt you could find an example), then show me an example of Lucasarts specifically doing that.

Originally Posted by cb750f-2010656 View Post
Then they get together with some pro game designers and make the game.
Do you know why professionals are professionals? Because they get paid. In what industry have you ever seen a bunch of professionals get together and do something for free, with no potential for reward?

Originally Posted by cb750f-2010656 View Post
Or (this is the original radical idea) get some amatuers with some skill to do it.
Like many computer-related tasks, video game design can fit easily into the "cottage industry" mold. The result of this is that if "amateurs with [enough] skill" to do something like this existed, they would be getting paid for their work (and consequently be professionals).

Originally Posted by cb750f-2010656 View Post
We could search this forum and others for poeple who are in school for it.
You can search this forum until your fingers fall off, and I promise you that you won't find one person with enough skill to take on a project like this, much less a team.


I don't want to be rude, condescending, or mean, but please allow me to be blunt - what gives you the faintest idea that you know what is and isn't possible here? You seem to have the idea that game design is:
1) Easy
2) Quick
3) Accessible
4) Cheap
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