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Cook sighed, he had many troops at his disposal already. The brigade that was sent by Ramirez was enough to try and take over the moon. The transports that arrived were also spaceworthy and they immediately did the small hop to the ruins of Arc. It took two weeks for them to get a station up, but once they did, Cook's scientists flocked their to their new base. The good news was that their were no enemies aware of their pressance! But maybe that was because they were building a base of their own. That was discovered when a scout found a communist base within the side of one of the mountains. He reported back.

"General Ramirez,

I leave you another message, I have succesfuly set up a small facility on the moon, only to discover that the communists have set up one of their own during my absence. Should I take it out? Once I take it out and I have your blessing and I get my project up and running, I will rendevouz with you in the Arab countries. Commander Cook out."

(Actually, you called Cook private, though he is actually an officer or else he wouldn't be commanding a mission of his own. Just a note)

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