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unless if Bastila had a brother who was also force sensitive. Because wouldn't Bastila have taken Revan's surname if they did potentialy marry? Lets say Revan's last name was Ablis, her name would then be Bastila Ablis. If Bastila's supposed brother had offspring, they would go by his last name. I don't doubt that Revan had offspring, but I don't think they would go by the name of "Shan." That is just my theory. And what if time is different in the outer regions and Revan came back for his friends and took them there after his return (post TSL). They could have very well lived for a long time or even been imortal (there I said it). Revan is just one of those characters that no one would like to see killed off if you know what I mean. Thats why I believe he came back.

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