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Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
What I meant by Rise of the Bounty hunters was the three episodes with Cad Bane in season 2; Holocron heist, Future of the Jedi, and Children of the Force.
You have to admit, the episode "Children of the Force" was a heck of a lot better than the book Children of the Force.

I personally liked all three of those episodes. Great way to start out the second season.

Chapter 12 of A Soul Adrift is out.

Short stories:
T'katlu: On the planet Felucia, a young apprentice of the Dark Side thinks back to the beginning of her training as she lies in wait for her prey...

All the Time: After four years in the Unknown Regions, the Exile returns to the known galaxy to visit an old enemy.

Broken: A master of the Dark Side finds himself about to lose the one thing he cares about--and he will do anything to stop her from endangering herself.
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