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((OOC: Mandalor, I thought I had told you that everyone was the same rank but oh well, I'll let it go this time I made your character a Sergeant, sorry no higher I had been over this with you in the multiple pms we sent each other, any more stuff you want to add to the story, you have to consult with me, and this goes for everyone and the answer may be yes or no. Any other changes like this will be ignored or just resolved with the finger of god (erased from existance). There are rules I put up in the RP. So read those please. This mostly affects Mandalor's character, everyone else is perfect.))

As she walked away, Haruka heard Roman say: "I'm that,". She had meant her comment as a joke too but she wasn't able to follow through it thanks to the PDA. She got to her desk. There wasn't anyone in the small office around, everyone was outside and she could see from the window overlooking the Battle Suits that her teammates were already inspecting their mechs.

She plugged in her PDA to her computer and she started writing code to try to decrypt what was sent to her by Mr. Robeypants. She knew it was a message from her father, he used to play a character called Mr. Robeypants when she was little and so she knew something had gone wrong. But she realized the encoding was really strong. She would need to be at it for a couple of hours, a couple of hours that she did not have at the present time. She decided to keep it in her PDA and lock it with some more encryption so no one could get access to it.

Haruka then walked outside to see that Xaivier, Roman and Katsu were there. She approached the railing and could hear Roman singing, Katsu looking at his mech and also Xaivier playing around with Roman. Takahashi, the man in the thick glasses approached her and stood next to her with a cup of coffee.

"So what do you think Boss?", Takahashi asked.

"I think we're gonna have to accelerate our plans. So far everything has been perfect, the elites I chose are here. Now it's time to see if they are willing", Haruka said, her expresion much colder.

"I can sense something is troubling you, I've known you since you were a kid Haruka, your dad and I were best friends", Takahashi said.

"Yeah I know, that's why he assigned you to me, so that you could keep me out of trouble", Haruka said with a small smile. "But now dad is in trouble Takahashi-san, I think he may even be..."

"Don't say that Haruka, why do you even speculate about that?", Takahashi asked.

"I got a message from Mr. Robeypants", Haruka said in a saddened tone.

"That's the user he said he'd use in case he...?", Takahashi tried to finish the sentence and it brought a single tear to Haruka's eyes as she nodded.

"I'm sure he's fine, if he wasn't then General Ramirez would let us know right?", Takahashi said but Haruka looked at him wiping her tear away.

"With that burocrat Kellen here?", Haruka asked and scoffed. "Kellen doesn't give a **** about any of us as long as we do the job."

"So what are you gonna do now?", Takahashi asked and Haruka turned to him.

"For now, we'll let these events unfold, see where it takes us. After that, we'll see", Haruka said and walked over to the elevator and got down to the level of the Battle Suits. She then moved towards Aegis 11 and sat down on the left foot, and she took out a laptop which she plugged in to a small port in the foot. She started to run diagnostics and wiped her eyes one more time discretely so no one would notice and just continued her work.

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