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Xaiver laughed at Roman's cookie joke taking no offense to it what so ever. He was sitting down on Nova's right foot when he stopped writing to look up. He didn't know why but something told him to. When he did look up he saw that man with glasses and Haruka. He stared at her for a few seconds before looking back to Nova. Something felt out of place but he wasn't sure what. He dropped the piece of paper on the floor and scratched his head for a few seconds. He got up and walked over to where Haruka was.

"Well my plan didn't work on out too well, but at least were starting to talk to one another. So the real reason I came over here was to try to get to know you better since you had to leave before we all had a chance to talk...but I can see your busy so I'll stop by later." Xaiver said scratching the back of his head. "Hey if you ever have any free time don't be afraid to come see me, and that goes for everyone too."

Wow that sounded a lot better in my head

Xaiver backed away and looked up at Roman and called out to him.

"Hey Roman, wanna see what the other two are up to? I know your busy but I'd love to hear that story of yours."

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