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It was night time, and there in the distant was the Shire, home to the Hobbits. nside one of the homes, Albie, an elderly, female Hobbit, prepared dinner for her and her adoptive child, Meara.

"Meara, deary! Dinners almost ready!" Albie shouted.

The young woman, who was a young, beautiful Human, was outside, looking up at the stars. Why would she do this? Because every night, she would pray to the Heavens to know who she really was and what her destiny would be. Her prayer started at the age of 6.

The young woman turned and smiled. "Coming, Albie!" She looked up at the twinkling stars again, and folded her hands. Then she closed her bright, green eyes. "Please, please, please... hear my prayers. Please tell me my destiny. Who I am. Where I come from. Please, please, please... let thy stars tell me who I am..."

Meara smiled sadly, and headed inside Albie's home.
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