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As Dravin traveled around the ship examining the needed repairs he'd make to it once he landed on a distant planet the ship shifted and moved under his feet as if it was taking off. The sudden unexpected jolt of the ship exiting the planets orbit made Dravin lose his feet and slam his head against the walls of the hall in the ship. The blow to the side of his head made the surrounding area turn into complete darkness then slowly fade back into his view. Slightly disoriented and groggy he slowly slide to his hands and knee's with a slight moan. As he stood to his feet he rubbed his eyes hoping it would help them focus once again on the objects and things around him.

One thing was for certain at this point he was no longer alone upon the vessel he wanted to comendeer from his not so friendly friends. He walked and slightly stumbled his way to the cockpit to see who was his ever so eager pilot for the evening. To his surprise it was the girl from earlier, the blonde one, he stood there for a moment trying to think of her name. After a while it came to him, Lyna.

"So who taught you to be a pilot and not warn passengers you are taking off" he said in the best joking manner he could taking the co-pilots seat next to her.

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