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Some of you US folks may be interested to know that you can get access to a free trial of STO if you eat some Tacos !!

No, I'm not crazy - apparently Del Taco is giving away a free game trial, an ingame pet for your shuttle if you buy a meal/drink with a special STO cup

It started 2/2/2010 and wraps up at the end of March

No point for those of us outside the USA of course

* * *

In other amusing STO news, looks like Cryptic snuck in a patch last week that, as diligently pointed out by fanboys would otherwise have caused the creation of black holes and the destruction of entire planets/systems in the Abrams reimagined Trek universe....

Originally Posted by patch notes
The special item Red Matter Capacitor now properly triggers its cooldown when you have two so that they cannot be stacked.


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