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Felix looked down on the three bodies at his feet. Bandits. he thought as he looted their corpses. They had nothing of greater use on them, but the one who appears to be the leader had an intressting scroll. Felix opened the scroll and read it. It was a bounty, and signed with Mayor Westmann's seal. How did they found me?

Felix left the bodies behind, and walked for a few hours. He set up a camp when nightfall hit, with a small fire by a river. He read the scroll again, and memories poped up in his head. The screams of his sister six years ago. His hand reached for an amulet he had around his neck, the only thing he had left of his sister. He threw the paper on the fire and watched it as it turned to ashes.

The forrest stood quiet next to him. He had no desire to enter it, least of all during the night. Rumor said that elves lived in that forrest.
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