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OJP Server / Help!

We have a hosted server at and it all went well and we installed OJP and so and here are a few problems that we currently have on the server
( We are using ojp 1.2 ):

1. Force Points, you only get to start with 7 force Points ( FFA MODE )
and i went to jampconfig.cfg in the base folder and added this:
seta g_maxforcerank "300"
Question: Do i have to add seta g_minexp thing... and maxexp and set them both to 300 as well ? In jampconfig.cfg ? Or is this the wrong file to put the things in?

2. jampserver.cfg / This file does not exist in the ojp 1.2 files i've downloaded... Is this file supposed to be there? If so, then then should i add this in there? Because i can transfer this file from my base folder in my computer to the FTP.
seta g_maxforcerank "300"
seta g_minexp..... "300"
seta g_maxexp... "300"

3. The animations are really slow or really fast... When i attack with the saber it moves like ... it warps (teleports) around maybe it's very fast i don't know.
We think it's because we have some other versions of OJP in our Gamdata ( In our Computers / In the FTP of the server we only have ojp 1.2 and the server files ) So how do we fix this? Is it because of the other versions in our computers and the ojp 1.2 are mixed up ?

4. We want to get ojp 1.3 but where?... I added MaxState but he's always Away... So yeah can anyone else help me with getting it?

Additional Info: I have only downloaded OJP Enhanced and uploaded to the FTP... i might need OJP Basic aswell uploaded? :S ?

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