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TFU 2 Cant wait hopefully longer than the 1st one and hopefully have jedi robes instead of stupid outfits.
Why couldn't they made Galen have robes like Maul or Obi Wan it's got me baffled got Sith Edition of TFU and still no robes for Galen closest thing is his spirit form.

Anyone else think that Lucas Prequel's (Ep 1,2,3) were CRAP only good things about em were Maul and the sabre fight between Obi and Anakin in Revenge of the Sith.
Maul should of lived until Revenge of the Sith and then replaced by Vader/Anakin and wtf was with the droids ROGER ROGER?
Should of been assassin droids like HK from KOTOR and Count Dooku pfffft... does he change into a bat and despise garlic and dont get me f**ken started about General Greivous lame.
Casting was good, effects were great, story was piss poor and had none of the qualities of the original trilogy.
Maul was one of the coolest villains ever but gets pawned by a padawan Obi Wan when he should of got pawned by Anakin in Revenge of the Sith.

There should of been terrorism acts on the Jedi.

Bombs, Ambushes and having Maul and Jango finishing them off, Palpatine should of started his destruction of the Jedi order through out the prequels as they were the one thing standing in his way.
Attack of the Clones has got to be the worst of all 3 prequels only relevant thing was Anakin slaughtering Sandpeople to begin is descent to the Darkside.
The whole Geonosis was just f**ken lame surely they could of come up with something better than that s**t.
Lucas should of hired some writers to help him with a better story he should of watched the original trilogy and looked at what made them great and applied it to the prequels.

The guys who wrote the Force Unleashed story were great and it was an awesome game it got me interested in Starwars again and I'm looking forward to the sequel.
I'm interested to see how Galen is still alive and kicking But I don't like Galen's outfit PLEASE GIVE HIM ROBES like Obiwan or Maul.
Would be cool to dual wield, single wield or double sabre and to have different stances and sabre forms quick and flurry or regular swings and please make the sabre cut torsos, arms, heads off no need for gore but it is a lightsabre correct?
Pretty happy with the force powers from TFU remove dash and have something a bit more permanent to cover area's quicker force speed until your force runs out or something.
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