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Darius continued to make faces from behind his mask as he watched Ashtin and Moxie. Just the sight of the two together was very uncomfortable for him, not to mention the danger it would cause. He was pulled back to reality by Moxie's gentle voice.

"Let's eat."

Darius smiled back at the girl, and took a deep breath before preparing his speech.

"Of course, but I really should talk about training..."

Darius was caught off by a man with a mask covering most of his face. Darius sighed in relief, giving him more time to prepare and laughed at the exchange between the man and Ashtin.

"You just pick fights with every new face don't ya? New recruits must really love meeting you then." Darius said to Ashtin before looking at the man. "You'll have to forgive hothead here, he's really quite the character once you get to know him...I'll let you know what that's like when I get there. The name's Darius Wilson, and you are?"
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