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The animal he had killed had grown slightly heavy upon Arodion's shoulders but thankfully he had arrived back to where his clan was currently camped. Several other hunters came running towards him and took the beast away to be skinned and cooked so it could be part of tonights feast. A comrade of Arodion's came walking casually up to him and patted his shoulders and let out a gentle laugh.

"And here I thought you'd miss the ceremonies" The other elf said.

"What and miss you sweating bullets as you stand there in front of everyone getting married. Not a chance." Arodion said as he laughed.

The sun had set by the time he had arrived back at the camp, and the musicians have already begun practicing they're tunes. The music at the celebrations were always a concern to Arodion, he wasn't to fond of attracting unneeded attention to themselves if it could be avoided. But happy moments how ever few they're were needed music and he wasn't going to put everyone down by speaking up against something that brought joy to others.

"So I will see you later then my friend" said his comrade

With a slight bow of his head Arodion responded "Indeed you will, I look forward to tormenting you later."

He looked himself over as best he could and noticed that he had some blood on him from the animal he had hunted and killed. Walking over to his tent he reached into the door and grabbed his pack, one thing Arodion couldn't break no matter how hard he tried is that everything had a place and was always in that place so he knew exactly where it was and how far he had to reach to grab hold of it. Throwing the pack over his shoulder he walked over to the river he knew was near by to clean up.

The sound of the river in the distance was soothing at best, the birds of the forest and grown quiet in they're gentle slumber in the night. Sleeping was something Arodion was looking forward to doing, even for a few hours at most. He knelt down upon the dirt at the side of the river and laid his bag on the ground next to him. The water was clear to his eyes and cool to the touch of his hand. The touch of the water made his mind more alert and he enjoyed that feeling, perhaps reveled in it a little to much.

He stayed by the river for several moments and cleaned off the blood of his hunt, and the dirt he gained while tracking the animal through the forest. A couple times he stopped at watched the dirt that had come from his body travel its way down the river out of his sight.

Once Arodion had finished drying himself off he reached into his pack an took out fresh clothes. Black studded leather pants, a forest green v-neck shirt, he then tied on his brown leather wrist guards over the sleeves of his shirt, he then pulled how his green sleeveless long coat with a wolf skin that was sewed on to the edge of it. Once he was finished putting on his boots he tied his little side pouch back on, then placed his dagger in its sheath back upon his belt and slide it to the back of his pants under his long coat.

Then in the distance of everything he heard horrible blood curdling screams. Quickly leaving his bag behind he ran through the forest, and listened as the birds flapped there wings and chirped in fear as they tried to escape what ever horror was happening.

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