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Just as Lyna was minding her own business while flying the old shuttle, she heard a familiar voice from behind.

"So who taught you to be a pilot and not warn passengers you are taking off" he said in the best joking manner he could taking the co-pilots seat next to her.

She quickly turned around. Thank goodness, it was that hooded guy. Dravin, was it? Yeah, Dravin.

"Oh. It's you. Thought you were someone else... like a Sith assassin." Lyna put the shuttle on autopilot, and looked over at Dravin. She smiled. "What are you doing here?" She sighed. "Let me guess... Cade and his "friends"?"

In the back of her mind, she felt really bad on leaving Cade behind. After all those years they been together... she's running away. Could it have been anger? Fear? Being heartbroken? She was afraid to choose...
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