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Cylax stopped searching as soon as he heard the sound of engines. He raced towards the hangar and saw a ship preparing to leave. He fired a concussive shot from his gun arm however it missed. Quickly he lined up another shot and fired; a hit however it was not a round he shot. Instead he fired a small tracking device which attached itself to the underbelly of the ship

You can run spy, but I'll be right behind you.

He quickly moved back into the home and prepared a goodbye speech so that he could hunt this hooded man down however on his way there he saw Lyna's door was open...and messy. He took a look inside and noticed things all over the place; the girl was either packing or this hooded man stopped in to say hello. Not seeing the small creature in the room confirmed his suspicions. He went back into the room where he left just a few minutes ago.

"I suggest we stop getting information for this girl; we have other problems. Your hooded friend just took off in a ship and took Lyna with him...oh and her little pet too."
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