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Could Use Some Mapping Advise

First off, Im new to map making so if I make noob statments you will know why.
My beginers knowledge comes from the help of the lucas files document "Basic Modeling in XSI for StarWars BF." I started with "Softimage XSI 4.2" as it was recomended in the basic modeling readme.
First step was to download the software so that I could start getting used to the program.
I was doing fine untill I found out that I could only get the trial version, that letts you have fun with the tools but disables saving and exporting.

If anyone has ran into this they would know that all leads to purcasing or fully enabling software are out of the question by now.
So now Im left at a Stale Mate.

My question, to find another program or to some how use the one I have.

Any other help or advise would be great. Epifire
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