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Stepping in front of Moxie to prevent her from going any where with this Rusu, Ashtin glared at him. Something was definetly magical about this man, where he learned his magics and what kind of magics he knew was still a mystery to him and he wasn't about to let Moxie go anywhere with this guy until they knew more about him.

"Private matters should stay private" Ashtin said to Rusu a slight growl in his voice. "Perhaps if Moxie wants you two can talk some other time. But for now your time is not now. understand"


Rusu laughed a little at the hint of protection the two showed for Moxie. If he had any intention about harming Moxie they certainly wouldn't stand much of a chance. But he had no intention upon causing any trouble with in Masons agency.

"Perhaps your friends are correct. We can speak upon the past some other time." He said calmly to her and bowed slightly. His glance then looked over at Ashtin "Tell me, Vampire, how long do you think what you have will last."

And with those words being his last he left the room and started to walk down the hall.


How long would what last? Ashtin didn't know what Rusu was talking about. Cryptic person that Rusu seemed, and that just made him distrust him even further. In all todays events he couldn't help but let out a low growl of his frustrations. Something told him he should of just stayed in the gym and continued to work out, but now it was to late, and what happened as happened.

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