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Cade followed Cylax out of the room as soon as he heard the sound of engines from the garage. Somebody had comandeered one of Rawk's shuttles. "What the hell is going on here?" he barked. He could sense Lyna was onboard, and Dravin - the man who tried to steal his ship.

He returned with Clyax back in the room, straight after Clyax fired a Tracking Device on the ship.

"I don't believe he kidnapped her. I could sense her and I was not able to sense any fear or anger from her. I believe she may have left of her own free will." the Jedi replied after Cylaxs announcement.

Cade grasped his forehead. He then walked into Lyna's room - it was left in a mess; as if somebody was packing for a vacation and left it in the state its in. He saw a datapad glowing on her bed. He picked it up and read the message. He read it again. And again.

He let it slip out of his hands so that it dropped to the floor. He raised a boot, and smashed the data pad as he stomped once. Parts flew everywhere at a short distance.

"Fine... You've made your choice." Cade grunted. He sat on the bed, and clamped both hands supporting his chin. He began wondering what his next step was going to be.
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