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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
Wow, how long did that take you?
About a week and a half.

And you didn't watch in in-universe chronological order?
Actually no, the reason for this was because I was just thinking about various key information certain Macross series have presented over the years and the overall story. I started out by watching Macross Frontier because the first things I was theorising about at the time had to do with the events of that series... then I went onto Super Dimension Fortress Macross straight after and then Flashback 2012 and DYRL?... after that I went onto Zero and then Plus. I was going to stop there but ended up convincing myself to watch Macross 7...

Some time in the future I should watch all of the series in chronological order, with DYRL? put between Flashback 2012 and Plus since it was released as an in-universe movie in 2031...

Also, @ Prime

EDIT: Actually.... now that I think about it... how many hours of watching was that really? *calculates*

EDIT 2: Okay... so apparently with all of that added up it comes to around.... 3595 minutes... which is almost 60 hours worth of viewing... |

Ch1 | Ch2 | Ch3 | Ch4 coming soon...
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