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Since it has been awhile since I last reviewed a piece of poetry I figured I might as well do one now. It's funny how time escapes you when you're in the selfish business of getting a masters degree.

This week I have two that I would like to comment on.

Love's Death by SkywalkerRules

Not of the typical rhyming scheme, SkywalkerRules' poem has a prose feel to it but the language use and the tempo of the piece is moving. It tells a story of a woman dying through the eyes of the one telling the poem. It has a loverlike quality with a hint of sadness. As one forum member commented, it is similar to the the tale Atton tells the Exile about the Jedi who saved him. A first piece for SkywalkerRules and a well done piece. I encourage him to keep it up and look forward to more postings.

Kyvios Music

I noticed that one of our forumites posted an original song and even though it has been reviewed by our fic critic, I thought I would give it some credit as well. Upon face value, I would say that it a guy is telling his story about the love of his life and describing it to the point that she will be all he needs. To put into a Star Wars perspective I would say that it sounds a lot like Carth maybe talking about Revan at the point when she leaves for the Unknown Regions. Without hearing actual music it is difficult to grasp the gist but the lyrics themselves more than make up for it. They are very vivid and descriptive of that feeling of love. An excellent piece of work.

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