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Name: Lenatha Pradhes
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Attracted to Women.
Homeworld: Ryloth
Affiliation: Republic
Title: Doctor.
Weapon: She mostly doesn't fight but she can fire a weapon and knows some personal defense.
DOB: 87 ABY (23)
Description: She's a red Twi'lek, considered among the Twi'lek circles as tremendously beautiful. She looks like Kate Beckinsale.
Just so you get an idea:

Backstory: As a young girl, Lenatha was sold to Jamiro the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa. Jamiro had a sadistic taste when it came to pleasuring himself with the slave girls, and for this reason Lenatha began to have an aversion towards males. She was in her early teenage years (according to humans) when she met Ariel, a human woman who was slightly older than her, and the first one she had felt attraction towards. When their relationship was discovered, Jamiro forced Lenatha to watch as he ravaged and tortured Ariel to death. Being able to channel her emotions naturally, she channeled her hatred and grief towards her vengeance. She studied everyday the anatomy of alien species, most specifically the hutts, and she came in contact with a mercenary who taught her how to interrogate subjects with the use of torture and excruciating pain. She practiced this on the animals they sacrificed to feed Jamiro. She planned this for 2 years and during a raid by trandoshan mercenaries, Lenatha carried out her plan. The Trandoshan leader, having a great hatred towards Jamiro let Lenatha have her way with him. She tortured him in a way that even the Trandoshan's had to look away. The scene was gruesome and she made him feel the largest amount of pain without letting him pass out or die.
She finally killed him and left Nar Shaddaa with the Trandoshan Mercenaries and dropped her off at Coruscant where the Trandoshan Leader put a word for her with the chief medical officer. Recognizing her talents, she was taken in and found her place as a doctor. She suffers sometimes from recurring nightmares of the past where she is torturing Jamiro. She feels an enourmous regret and even sometimes found herself waking up and not knowing her surroundings, she avoids contact and begins crying, rubbing her hands as if they were stained and saying the words "I'm so sorry". She treated Andorra Evenstar and finally found in her a kindred spirit and the peace she had been looking for ever since Ariel.

Formerly known as "Miracle"

No puedo olvidarte
sacarte de mi
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Belinda - Sal de mi piel

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