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Cylax agreed with Slate's decision to bring the sith with them, leaving her here would only end in disaster. He noticed everyone was getting ready to leave, and it looked like he would have to put aside his hatred with Cade for now. He found the man who ruined his life stomping a datapad in rage. Cylax stepped into the room with half a mind to kill him here. He shook his head at the thought though; if he was going to kill Cade he was going to fight him at full health. That meant physically, mentally, and emotionally.

"Is this how she would want you to act? She'd want you to follow her even if she doesn't say so. We'll get to her before that rat can do anything." He turned and exited the room but not before stopping at the doorway. "Oh and don't look into this at all. After all of this is over I'm still going to kill matter how much I might like your friends." With that he exited the room and followed after Slate.

He found Slate with the sith girl, asking if she would need help walking.

"I can finish healing her up once we get on the ship. I've got a canister of Bacta in here," Cylax said pointing to his right arm.
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