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Atrila turned toward one of the men in the room who seemed to be looking her over. She stared back at him from under her helmet and then slowly shook her head at him.

Perhaps I should take off the helmet.

She was about to pull it off before thinking better of it. The family here may be friendly toward the cathar but I don't know about the others. I'll wait just a while longer until I know them better.

Atrila quietly left the room and headed for the room for the room where the one known as Lyna resided. She entered the room in time to hear the cyborg talking to the one known as Cade.

"Is this how she would want you to act? She'd want you to follow her even if she doesn't say so. We'll get to her before that rat can do anything."

She waited until the cybord left the room before turning toward Cade and then looked down at the smashed datapad then back at Cade.

"Is there anything you wish to speak about? I'm known to be a good listener and to me it looks like right now you could use someone to talk to."
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