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Wrath looked over at Andirrul as she struggled with herself. He felt her powerful grip against his hand. He could see she was not only beginning to lose the battle inside of her but physically her body was getting weaker as well. He continued moving forward for the both of them. He could sense he was getting closer to the jedi which was at least one good thing. He then heard her words as she spoke of where Wrath's loyalty was.

"For years I served Virul without question. I thought he saw me as his apprentice, someone he admired however I was wrong. I was just a tool for him to use, a servant for him; I doubt he even viewed me as a sith. However he's right, I'm not a sith at least not anymore. I will not stand by Virul, but I will not stand by my mistress either. I will stand by Andorra Evenstar, my friend." Wrath said proudly.

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