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Originally Posted by leXX View Post

ME2 Insanity is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in gaming. There are so many ways to die its ridiculous. The most annoying thing was someone with shields/armor rushing you and killing you after you've been slowly taking everyone out for 20 minutes. When it came to the final boss, I took Garrus and Legion with me, equipped with sniper rifles, and I managed to take it down first go. That goes down as one of the greatest moments ever for me.
I'm not worthy.

Yeah, I've just imported my ME1 Infiltrator to run it with someone who can't just sweep the room with an assault rifle to see how that goes. Once that's done.. I'm going to tackle Insanity difficulty. Methinks I might have to re-drag my Soldier out for that one though..hmmmm or my Vanguard. She's quite.... lethal...

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