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Originally Posted by Thrik View Post
Heh, I'm surprised about the ignorance about World War 2. About 10 years ago there were pretty much constant WW2 games so any gamer ended up knowing quite a bit about it.

I guess all the big franchises like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Medal of Honor are making the transition from WW2 to modern war relatively easily because WW2 was fundamentally very similar to modern war in many ways probably the first that was, in fact. All three of those series play/will play almost exactly the same as their WW2 predecessors, just in a different setting.
I actually learned alot about WW2 just playing Medal of Honor. I loved those games and I played them alot. Those were all the war games where like. I am kind of disapointed they made the transition to Modern Times. The new ones are kind of boaring there all the same! They could make an amazing ww2 game. Not including World at War that isnt too realistic (Nazi Zambie's? Realy? You have to be kidding me...) But just take Battlefield Bad Company 2. An amazing modern warfare game with lots of guns and explotions like all the games are like these days. amazing graphics and great controls and gameplay. But if you play single player you get a real treat. You get to see a real good look at what battlefield can do with a realistic looking WW2 game wich would look amazing. I think the old WW2 games were more about sneaking around on secret missions behind enemy lines. They can deffinatly do better with a ww2 game thane more modern warfare based games. Dont you think there are engough modern warfare games? and they need to ditch the Zombies...  72528
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