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((Oh, the hunt is ON!! Sorry. Kinda random... :P ))

"May I be so bold as to suggest we remain traveling companions. At least until your life isn't on the verge of total extinction."

"S-Sure. We can be be traveling companions. Just don't try anything funny..."

Lyna sadly looked down. Sometimes she wondered, why she was scared sometimes. And why she was sad. Lyna sighed. "I'm... I'm gonna set the coordinates for Ossus. Then we'll be on our way in hyperspace."

Doing that, Lyna thought about Cade again. She was too upset that she left him behind. But what did he feel of her? Probably by now, everyone was hysterical. No matter. Lyna needed to get away. Maybe take a vacation.

The young bit her lower lip sadly. Sadness could really one's heart...
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