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Felix took the last bites of his dinner. A rabbit he had managed to catch. Maybe not the finest of meals, but it was food, and he had way worse. As he ate he thought a bit, maybe he should stick around another day, maybe hunt and actually get a decent meal. But then again, maybe he should return home, and finnish the business with mayor.

The bounty hunters had opened his eyes. He realised for the first time that he would never get rid of the mayor and the bounty as long as he was a live. Or for as long as the mayor was alive. But then again killing a mayor could bring way more trouble. And killing bounty hunters would be a good way to keep the skills in sharp.

When he had finnished his meal he put the last piece of wood on the fire and refilled his watesupplies. He then lied down and watched the stars and dreamed away.

Felix suddenly woke up. He heard how birds flew up as if something had frightend them. Felix put out the fire and tried to listen and see.
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