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"Is this how she would want you to act? She'd want you to follow her even if she doesn't say so. We'll get to her before that rat can do anything."

Cade didnt say anything when Cylax entered the room. He remained silent, staring at the shattered pieces of the Datapad. Oh and don't look into this at all. After all of this is over I'm still going to kill matter how much I might like your friends."

"Whatever..." Cade muttered, without acknowledgement of staring back at Cylax. He left the room. Soon, that Jedi they came across earlier entered the room. She was still masked.

"Is there anything you wish to speak about? I'm known to be a good listener and to me it looks like right now you could use someone to talk to."

Cade glanced up and sadly smirked. "I see. You still refuse to give out a name and remain anonymous behind that mask, and yet your telling me your a good listener."

He remained staring at the remaining parts of the datapad. "She left us by her own choice. She wants nothing more to do with us any longer - especially with me. The only reason I see of pursuing her is for retrieving Rawks ship, no questions asked. She is naive, stubborn and very VERY emotionally unstable."
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