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"I see. You still refuse to give out a name and remain anonymous behind that mask, and yet your telling me your a good listener."

She shook her head slowly. Not willing to take off her mask. Soon...but not yet.

"Tell me, if your people were disciminated against wouldn't you wish to hide your identity behind a mask? And I am a good listener. Back in my days as a Jedi, many people came to me with your problems."

"She left us by her own choice. She wants nothing more to do with us any longer - especially with me. The only reason I see of pursuing her is for retrieving Rawks ship, no questions asked. She is naive, stubborn and very VERY emotionally unstable."

Atrila moved to stand right in front of Cade and looked down at him with a sympathetic expression that was hidden by her mask.

"She may have left because she needed time to herself. Based on what I have heard your little group has had quite the hard time. And I will not pass judgment on her so I will not say anything about her possible emotional unstability."

She paused as another thought came to mind.

"You know it's possible she left to combat this new threat by herself to protect you and the others. And if that is the case then you and your group will need to find her before the sith do."

Atrila then turned to leave and was almost out the door before a sudden thought came to her. It wouldn't hurt her to tell the Jedi her name after all, He had helped her against the sith at the crash site.

She turned back toward him and smiled under her helmet. "Just so you know, my name is Atrila."

She then continued out the door in search of the cyborg. She had a few questions for him as well.
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