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Lyna's tone and facial expression told Dravin all he needed to know about her current emotional state. She was sad, possibly feeling a little lonely, and frightened. Of course who wouldn't if you were being hunted by a powerful dark force, and the ones who were suppose to be your friends kept insisting on turning they're backs to you. It wasn't something Dravin was fond of seeing other do to other being, but it happened. Pride above everything else was something everyone was guilty of, and it wasn't an easy thing to over come.

"Being afraid" he said in a calm tone leaning back into the chair staring out of the bridge window "isn't something to be ashamed of. We all are afraid of something, sometimes it's best to be afraid then to not. At least then you know your being honest with yourself. And if anything just talk to some one about what you feel."

Being a sensitive person wasn't Dravin's strong point, and he was sure it was showing. But it seemed like this girl needed some one at this point. And being alone sometimes can do more harm.

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