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Andirrul gave a sudden start. She began speaking in the voice of a little girl, the Andorra she had once been. Was this a gift from the Force, or a curse?

"I'm still here. Inside the monster girl. Get me out. He's coming to hurt me."

Coughing up a trickle of blood so that it lightly spattered the front of Wrath's uniform, the Dark Lady knelt before him. "Thank you--I'm trying to fight--!" She bit down hard on her tongue, increasing the blood in her mouth so that a drop of it formed on her lower lip. She'd exclaimed these words as her adult self.

"Take me to Kalla. Please. Carry me if you have to. There's something that I have to tell her..." Andirrul stood up, feeling herself growing stronger and yet weaker by the second. Either she was preparing to fight or die.
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