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I should go.
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Well, I'll rejoin, and try to stick around the whole time and not disappear Here's my characters

Name: Garrick Derekil

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Mandalore

Affiliation: Freelance Mercenary

Title: One of the best warriors in Mandalorian Culture, Merc

Weapon: Garrick loves using cortosis blades and many assorted weapons {flamethrowers, rocket launchers, darts, blasters} on his wrist launchers. Garrick always carries two modified Mandalorian Rippers, that and he always has a pack of cigarra's with him {good when you need a distraction}

DOB: Unknown, though it is believed to be around 70 to 80 A.B.Y.

Description: Garrick wears black Mandalorian armor and sports a bright red cloth from his shoulder. He also carries with him several trophies {wookiee scalps, battle scars, several knives, and an Imperial medal}. He also wears a jet pack capable of 1 minute of being airbourne {and provide fuel to his flamethrowers}.

Garrick, for a time, hated alot of the aruutisse, outsiders, and had little tolerance for them. But after his last attempt to take a bounty{Komad}, he was captured, and spent some time getting used Kaltas and his comrades. He has developed tolerance and has begun to accept and rather like the outsiders. He hopes to get to know his new allies, as he may need that in the coming battle.

Name: Khorzan Velerc

Species: Human, though considered to be apart of a race that is referred to as "Super-human" during the Imperial days.

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, though he see's no use in a relationship.

Homeworld: Corulag, and he's part of a family that has long been in support of Imperial Forces, and the Sith.

Affiliation: Sith Naval Forces

Title: He has attained the rare rank of Senior Grand Admiral

Weapons: The Sith Fleet, a small vibro-knife, and an Aratech type-B pistol capable of over 50 rounds a second, unfortunately only holding one hundred rounds.

Dob: N/A, though theories say he may have been born around the Battle of Hoth.

Description: He strides around the Sith forces in a black Admiral's uniform that has red lining the sides. He has a great number of medals, only a few that he wears often. He also has Sith-standard black combat boots, where he also hides a grenade or two. His face has no sharp features other than his thick, black mustache and a scar that covers the entirety of his left cheek and a little bit of his face.

Brief History: Admiral Velerc has fought at almost one-thousand different Naval engagements, his amount of victories however, are countless. He has proven his genius many times, once during an engagement with the whole of a Republic battle group. His group only had one old Star-Destroyer and three frigates. In the end, the huge Republic battle group of at least ten Capital ships was decimated and only half of a fighter squadron survived the onslaught. Admiral Velerc has almost always been affiliated with Sith high command.

Name: Captain Dreyvik Durrel

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Affiliation: Mand'alor's Bodygaurd battalion{they protect both the Mand'alor, or his/her heir}

Title: Captain of the Gaurd

Weapon: Cortosis Vibro-blade and HRL-270 Assualt Rifle

88 A.B.Y

Description: He is 6'2' with black hair, brown eyes, and striking features. He wears gray-green Mandalorian armor with a red shoulder pad, signifying his position in Mand'alor's Gaurds. Most of his weapons are visible, sword slung at his side and blaster always in hand. But he also has concealed weapons, like a knife in a boot, or a blaster up his sleeve. He's nearly always prepared.

Brief History: Durrel was raised at birth to become one of the future Mand'alor's Chief Adviser and Bodygaurd, going through rigorous training and strenuos classes. After many years, he was assigned to Garrick Derekil, heir to the position of Mand'alor. He was immediatley taken under Garrick's wing, who taught Durrel many of the skills that greatly benefit Durrel today.

After several years of service protecting the future Mand'alor, Garrick had been captured on the Planet of Amshrey, and Durrel was tasked with rescuing Garrick. This lead tot he current events and the new Avalonian allies.

Name: Zevar Konig

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Unknown

Affiliation: Death Gaurd {Formerly} Now Prisoner

One of the Elite Death Gaurds

Weapon: Anything he can get his hands on, as of right now, he has no weapons.

Unknown, even to him, as imperials erased all files of his past, fully indoctrinating him into his position as Death Gaurd.

Appearance: He is extremely tall, nearly 7 foot. Asides from that, he is extremely muscular, as nearly all Death Gaurds are. He has blue eyes, and his head is completely clean-shaven. As a prisoner, he wears gray cover-alls, at least for right now.

Brief History: He was taken from his family as a child, and trained on numerous Imperial Planets. He was treated cruelly and was deprived of a cheery and happy childhood, as he had been chosen to become one of the Death Gaurd, the Personal 'Hands' of the Sith. He was thoroughly brainwashed as a child, and believed that the way of the Empire was the one way to true perfection. He began to form his own opinions much later in life, and began to question his place in the Imperial Forces. He even contemplated rebellion. But then he was given the order to kill Komad Kaltas, and his comrades. He sees this as his opportunity to find the 'truth' that has always eluded him.

you very much
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