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Ashtin didn't turn around to see Rusu leave the room. The fact that he could still smell him in the air was disturbing enough. Ignoring the others he walked over to a table and sat down placing his hands over his face and ran them down as he let out a sigh. Why? Why couldn't things just be easy? No psychotic mercenaries? No magical unknown creatures? Just things as they should be. Ashtin could tell he was getting angry over everything, and he knew that Moxie would worry about him if he kept this behavior up. But he couldn't let go of it. This feeling clinged to him so tightly that it started to become the only thing he could feel.

"This is complete bull" he mumbled to himself as he stared down upon the table.

With another heavy sigh he leaned back into the chair and rested his head backwards so his eyes gazed upon the ceiling above. He still slightly wished beyond everything he was feeling that he had just stayed in the gym, at least then he could of worked out the issues he had with Darius.

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