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"Being afraid" he said in a calm tone leaning back into the chair staring out of the bridge window "isn't something to be ashamed of. We all are afraid of something, sometimes it's best to be afraid then to not. At least then you know your being honest with yourself. And if anything just talk to some one about what you feel."

Lyna looked at him. She then smiled. "Yeah. You're right about that." She sighed, looking down. "The real reason why I left was because the Sith that attacked me is mainly hunting for me. Maybe the Sith are hunting for me now. I don't know why. He said something about killing my parents, which really upsets me. But... he didn't tell me who he was."

She sighed. "Either way, I'm gonna do this alone. For the Galaxy." She closed her eyes sadly. "For Cade."

Lyna began to set the controls to hyperspace. She had to understand why the Sith wanted to kill her. And... to find out who she really was.
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