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"Alright, Akira," said the FedCON representative. "This is the Academy. We'll leave you here. You are certain your English is good enough to pass the entrance exam?"

Akeirra grimaced slightly at the man's mispronunciation of her name, but said nothing of it. Instead, she nodded. "Yes, yes. English, I..." She pursed her lips in thoughtful consideration before saying, "Read good. Speak bad."

"Well, good luck," the rep said as the shuttle door slid open. Akeirra flashed him a brief smile before stepping out, a small bag slung over one shoulder. The flood of students was overwhelming, but Akeirra pressed on, determined. She would fly again, even if it took three years to prove to these people that she could do so more effortlessly than their most skilled pilots.

All First Years report to the main green. All First Years report to the main green.

A wave of anxiety washed over Akeirra. She could read English very well. Hearing it spoken or having to speak it herself were very different matters. She recognized the term "First Year" as something that related to her position in the Academy. Then, "report" meant a couple of different things. That bit about the "main green" made no sense. Even if there was a main shade of the color green, what was she to do with it?

"Excuse, excuse," she said, tapping a fellow student on the arm. "I am... Firrst Yearr. What is main... what that was?"

But the student was a third year and he thought far too much of himself, especially when compared to a first year who couldn't understand English. He scowled down at her and hurried off. She scowled at his back for a moment and then determination set in and she tried again. Her second attempt found a kinder audience in a fellow first year.

"Main green," he said. "I don't really know where. Just follow the crowd." Then, he extended his hand to her. "First year? Me too. I'm Jason Dane. What's your name?"

She took his hand in her gloved right hand and smiled, pleased to have found someone friendly enough to help her, even if he didn't know much himself. "Akeirra."

He blinked. "Akira?"

Her smile faded. "Akeirra."


"No," she said, shaking her head. "Ah."

He echoed, "Ah."



She sniffed a little. "Close. Rra."


"Rroll it! Rra."

In his defense, Jason Dane genuinely tried to roll his 'r', but his tongue couldn't quite make it happen. After several attempts, she finally stopped him.

"Is close. Human accent, no..." She searched for the word. "Surprrise."

"Ahkayra," he said, trying to put the sounds together. She smiled faintly.

"Is close," she repeated, shrugging a little. "Now. Main grreen?"

"So where are you from?" Jason asked curiously.

Akeirra laughed. "With my accent, my language. You want to trry?" Shaking her head and giggling, she said, "No. Farr away."

Feeling just a little insulted, Jason Dane sighed. "Your accent sounds like French... except you roll your 'r's'. That's like Spanish. Hmm..."

Akeirra giggled. "No, no. Some sharred worrds with Frrench. But bad. Frrench worrd 'yes' is terrible offense."

Jason almost said it. Thankfully, his better judgment won over. "Well, it was good to meet you, Akira."

"Jason, yes?" Akeirra said. "Good to meet you."

They had reached the main green, or so it seemed, for all first years seemed to be coming to this wide open space. Why they called it the main green was something Akeirra would still have to learn, but at least she was here. At that point, Jason ran off to find one of his friends and Akeirra began speaking to herself in her native tongue under her breath. Most of it was grumbling yet again about how Humans couldn't seem to get her name right.

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