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IGN have uploaded a hands-on preview of Dragon Age: Origins -- Awakening, the expansion pack to BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins pitched as a detailed examination of how many subtitles a developer can append to a game's name.

The article details the new specialisations, skills, and abilities for the game's various classes but unfortunately not much about the plot of the affair. My guess is best summed up by this choice of Old English: menn behofiaþ godre lare on þissum timan, þe is gendung þisse worulde; i.e. men require good teaching in this time, which is the end of this world.
No matter how you finished the original Dragon Age, there's a lot of room to grow here, not only in terms of the unfolding story of the Darkspawn threat, but also in terms of your character's ability to confront the new menace that's facing the land. Be sure to come back to IGN in the coming weeks for our full review.
Oh what do you know. The oldest of plots are supposed to be the closest to our hearts, I guess.

By the bye, why has anyone yet to point out that the Dragon Age-typeface means that the game's title reads as Ðragon Age: that is Thragon Age. Have BioWare no Icelandic players? -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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