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Originally Posted by IG-64 View Post
Seems like Portal 2 will be a full retail release, with a new single-player campaign, a new co-op campaign, new characters, more Aperture Labs, more test chambers, more GLaDOS, and more awesome.

It's hard for me to say I'm "disappointed" in this announcement. I've stopped expecting news on Episode 3 a long time ago. Even if they do announce something at GDC, they've pretty much blown their chances on the whole episodic content thing at this point.

Even if they make Episode 3 a full retail game, it still won't be Half-Life 3, and that's a let-down. But at the end of the day whatever they release will still be awesome and I will still pay money for it. Valve might not have lived up to expectations, but I'm not about to boycott anything.
I'm on the same boat here. Having only just gotten into this within the last year or so (less in fact), it's all coming as a whirlwind rush to me. I'm plenty happy with the announcement of Portal 2.

Whatever the expectations, I suppose it isn't unreasonable to expect mistakes along the way. Long as the products are the best they possibly can be in the end.

Meh, it's slow times right now and IMO the content of games lately is becoming less original. It's worth the wait so long as they don't give up on it after making you wait, like, 10 years. Until then, I agree, don't hold your breath.
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